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“Mr. Roth?   He is ready now.  You can come in.”

With those words I was welcomed into the inner sanctum of one of the world’s most infamous dictators. ​

It was 2006 and Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe had spent the last half-decade destroying his country’s agricultural sector, plunging the “breadbasket of Africa” into famine.  He was also on the verge of kicking off one of the worst bouts of hyperinflation in history.  After 4+ years shunning the media, I was to be the first Western journalist granted an exclusive sit-down TV interview with him at his presidential office in downtown Harare.  Our exchange made news around the globe.

Mugabe Sequence-small.gif
Jonathan Roth interviewing Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

My name is Jonathan Roth and I have spent the better part of the last two decades conducting and/or producing interviews with the men and women shaping our world: prime ministers, presidents, royalty, business moguls, military commanders, geopolitical strategists and superstar economists.  Cross examining them about their decisions, why they made them and what the future holds has taught me a lot about how the world really works.

For example, one of the first interviews I ever produced on network television was with billionaire Jimmy Pattison.  He taught me a very valuable lesson that day: success is earned.  “Invested capital must produce!” he bellowed.  This was a few moments after he admitted to firing the lowest-performing sales rep at his car dealerships each month.  The gasps from the live studio audience ricocheted off the walls.  But, the message was clear.  Real success can never be gifted; it must be earned.

Nothing could prepare me for Lt. General Roméo Dallaire.  He was the United Nations military commander on the ground during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.  The General described his downward spiral into a suicidal depression due to guilt and shame.  He believed he could have prevented the worst of the killings, but the dithering of top UN and European officials conspired against him.  It was an interview that earned me and my team a Gemini Award, Canada’s equivalent of an Emmy Award.

And then there was Mossad Director Efraim Halevy.  He explained a truth that gains more relevance every day: “9/11 began World War 3…it is going to be the longest war in modern times.”

Roth moderating the geopolitical panel of Dr. Pippa Malmgren, Ian Bremmer, Dr. George Friedman & Ambassador Harald Malmgren at Mauldin Economics' Strategic Investment Conference.

But, after being a journalist, producer and executive for major television outlets CTV, OMNI Television and Biography Channel for over a decade, in 2012 I changed focus.  I launched my own production company and began working for Mauldin Economics.  It is one of America’s premiere financial publishing firms and has given me a front row seat to the heated economic and investing debates engulfing our world.  I have questioned everyone from central bankers and billionaire investors to financial and geopolitical forecasters and major CEO’s.  It has been a PhD in the study of money.

All of this has taken me to nearly 40 countries, spanning the globe.  

I have toured oil wells in Patagonia; explored one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining farms in Iceland; witnessed heavily armed U.S. troops offloading from a transport at a clandestine airstrip in the Sahara Desert; talked strategy with the Vice-Chairman of one of the world's largest mobile companies at their HQ in New Delhi; dodged protestors at U.S. President Donald Trump’s Inauguration in Washington DC; and ventured through shuttered pre-World War II gold mines in Japan.

Roth on assignment in West Africa.

These are the experiences and opportunities I want to bring you here at ResourceWars. I will introduce you to perspectives on investing, politics and the future you won't see anywhere else. 

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Jonathan Roth is the founder of ResourceWars.